Georgia Septic Repairs

In some cases, pumping a septic tank may not remedy a backup. There are situations when the inlet line may be broken or have roots growing in the line, causing a backup. In other situations, the absorption field or "field lines" may be saturated, and the tank may be overfull.  If the absorption field is overfull, the liquid will be over the outlet baffle in the septic tank, and often may be seeping out of the lid of the tank. If this is the case, an estimate can be given at the time of pumping to make the repairs. A permit may be required by the county Environmental Health Department before the absorption field may be repaired or replaced.

Septic Tank Baffles

The inlet and outlet baffles are also very important to your septic system. These direct the waste to the bottom of the tank and prevent it from moving to the outlet too quickly. In some newer homes, an outlet filter may have been installed. This helps prevent the waste solids from going into the field lines, prolonging the life of the system. However, this filter will need regular maintenance to prevent backups. Give Anytime Septic a call at 678-848-4365 anytime, night or day!